Just in time for Y2K, it's...

Updated January 10, 2000: I've received an e-mail from a person concerned that the block window is all black. This occurs when you have an older version of the Gnome Canvas that apparently doesn't support polygons. If you have this problem, please get the latest Gnome available from this site. The latest version of Glotski is still 0.2 from January 8. Now with a real interface. Probably some bugs.

So, your life has lost its meaning? You need something to do? Well, there are probably better things to do than to play this game, but if you had better things to do, you'd probably be doing them instead of reading this copy. So go for it, get the freakin' game already. Oh, but perhaps you'd like a screenshot first to whet your discriminating palette.

Glotski This is Climb Pro 24, by Minoru Abe. (It's not packaged with Glotski due to potential copyright issues. If you can advise me on this, mail me.) It takes 434 moves to beat, at last count, and that's if you know EXACTLY what you're doing. At least, this is what they tell me. If you beat this one on your own, you have too much time on your hands. (Your mission, should you be insane enough to accept it, is to move the T-shaped block from the bottom to the top.)

So here's the game: Glotski 0.2. It's a release. It still doesn't have everything that it will have eventually. It's a work in progress. But you want to play it anyway, don't you? It's licensed under the GPL. It uses Gnome. And it was developed using Linux.

What more do you need to know? Oh, perhaps my e-mail address, oxymoron@cmu.edu, because you want to worship and adore me. Or alternately, The Sliding Block Puzzle Page maintained by Nick Baxter.