Updated January 14, 2000: Blech. 0.25 has arrived. It fixes the minor memory leak bug; that's it. Oh, and Glotski version 0.2 is out, and so far I've gotten no positive feedback. Darn. Maybe the next game will actually be worth people's time. I realize the Windows version of GFP below is incomplete, though it worked if you installed Gimp for Windows, though the versions have probably changed sufficiently that it no longer works, and it didn't even seem to work on my installation anymore, and I can't seem to compile it again. Dang.

From the August 18, 1999 update: A MS Windows alpha version of 0.24a is available here for download. It only barely works. I made it by roughly following the instructions available from Tor Lillqvist. Networking doesn't work and an information dialog box causes a crash. But still, now I can finally show all of my friends that insist on running Windows that this game actually does exist. Hopefully I packaged all the necessary files for it to work; if not, let me know. It was a little tedious, but actually seeing it appear on my screen was definitely worth it. The build process was done manually, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. (Though I can't seem to build with the latest tools, but I doubt anyone cares.)

Das rollenballenmachine ist nicht fuer gefingerpoken und widgetmoven. Ist easy flippen der mirrorwerk, losenballen und shovenmirroren mit slippensliden. Ist nicht fuer gewerken bei das dumpkopfen. Das rubbernecken sichtseeren keepen das cotten-pickenen hans in das pockets muss; relaxen und watchen das rollenballen.

GFingerPoken is a BlackBox-type game for GTK 1.2 or higher. It was heavily inspired by Marble, an old MS Windows shareware game. Here is a screenshot:

GFingerPoken Main Screenshot

As you should be able to tell, I'm running Window Maker. Anyway, you may want to download it:

GFingerPoken 0.25 (January 14 2000 - Fixed small memory leak bug)(ChangeLog)

GFingerpoken 0.24a for Win32 Barely works. Try it if you're bored and stuck on a winmachine.

GFingerPoken POV-Ray sources (Current with 0.25)

It is licensed under the GPL, version 2 or later. It is written in C by Martin Hock, with graphics rendered in POV-Ray by Jason Reed. His site could have newer graphics than mine, or perhaps information on themeability. He has a bunch of other nifty stuff also.

What's next for GFingerPoken, you might ask? We'll see... Of course, if you send me e-mail, I could be encouraged to work more quickly. Where are my stark, raving fans? (NOTE: I have had only TWO e-mails that have been specifically identified as having come from stark raving fans.)

There actually probably isn't much left to be done, other than some cleaning up and perhaps some more options added. More of the former than the latter, I'm afraid. Glotski is not the project I thought I'd do, but I was inspired when I saw the latest train version of Rush Hour in a store window and further inspired by Sliding Piece Puzzles by L. E. Hordern.

One of the projects I considered doing, but didn't actually write a single line of code for, seems to have recently been manifested in fairly close to the form I was aiming for as KOTH, so I am glad I didn't waste any time on it. The other project, which I am working on now, seems to have also pretty much been done in the form of DOSArena, now renamed to freepuzzlearena albeit probably in a less extensible and generalized fashion and using the cheesy DOSsy Allegro library, and thus I haven't looked at it and could be spouting lies. In any case, something (DOSArena) is better than nothing (What I ended up with). But I'm probably going to write something big next. If I write it. Which I must. But it'll probably start off small enough that I'll actually be able to finish a first version before I get tired of it. Oh, and if you're a Martin stalker, you might recognize something linked to from that page. You'd have to know my work from the Z80 days, though. But then, if you're actually reading this, there's a fair chance of that. Notice my tough, terse prose. I'm a regular Hemingway.

GFingerPoken is now hosted by I know the guy that runs it, and therefore I may physically kick his ass if it starts messing up. Assuming, of course, I actually have the capability to kick ass.